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The films of 2017

Day 3, October 7

~ Reaction 
~ The Best Friends 

~ The Bake Job 
~ The Scary Ham 
~ The Glass Ceiling 
~ Brooklyn in July 
~ The Sad Ones 
~ Apples 
~ Nobel Prize
~ Mirror

4:30 p.m. Horror Shorts

~ Freezer Burn 
~ Mister Basement

~ Real Artist 
~ Signal To Noise 
~ Breakfast 
~ Looker 
~ Peppercorn Heart 
~ Fractal 
~ Imbolc 
~ Odd Ducks

7 p.m. Feature & Two Shorts

~ Flow
~ Depends

Long Night in a Dead City

On New Year's Eve, 19-year-old Daniel Belmont awakens beaten and bruised on an empty street in a nameless city. As he travels from one place to another searching for his lost brother, he encounters a series of strange, preternatural characters who lead him into a secret world of the occult, sex and murder.


Join us for the SSFF awards ceremony and our closing night celebration!

following the final film block at Starlite.

QVCAH Art Center

12 noon  Experimental Shorts

~ The Stag’s Mirror
~ Idioms of Origins
~ Evocation of a Nightmare

~ Eyes in the Back of Her Head

~ Disregard the Vampire

~ Metanoia 
~ The Gillian’s Motel

2 p.m.   Just for Laughs 

Gossiping Grams ~ Short Film

On the 7th Date

On the 7th date, Tara and Shawn find that their relationship is going nowhere. So they decide to come to terms with it and spend their last night together being their true selves and sharing what each of them really wants from another person. But as the evening unravels and things begin spiraling out of control, the two begin to realize that their ideal selves may not be who they imagined.

4:30 p.m.   And more Laughs

Fairfield Follies 

An idealistic director transforms a small town's traditional Christmas pageant into a multi-holiday display of diversity, with a cast of politically-incorrect characters.

7 p.m. Student Feature Film

The Darlings 

When tragedy strikes the Chattoway family, the middle child -Nora- seeks the unpleasant truth.

Starlite Gallery

2 p.m. Shorts Program

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