Here is the list of the Nominations
for the 2022 Shawna Shea Film Festival

In addition to our regular awards we will be also be giving away a special award, The Shawna Spirit Award that goes to the filmmakers/screenwriters/projects that exemplify a true independent, bold and unconventional spirit where art is the primary reason for the creative process.

We will also add awards to projects that are unique in their own way that are not listed here. Some will be notified beforehand.


Best Feature
Goodbye Petrushka
Guns of Eden
How to Rob
Showdown in Yesteryear
True Believer

Best International Feature
Haunting of Lady Jane
Mask of the Devil
Pink Rabbit

Best Horror Feature
Bitter Taste of Ginger
Haunting of Lady Jane
Mask of the Devil
Pink Rabbit

Best Comedy Feature
Goodbye Petrushka
Mask of the Devil
Oh Crappy Day
Pink Rabbit

Best Experimental Feature
Chicken House

Best Documentary
Devils Among Angels
The Drive to Sing
Encounters Behind a Grand Drape

Best International Documentary
As Brabas Do Funk
The Middle World
The Skids; Revolution
Weilding the Soul

Best Director
Aaron Bratcher - Showdown in Yesteryear
Cate Jones - Chicken House
Christophe Karabache - Karmaloca
Greg Lamberson - Guns of Eden
Nicola Rose - Goodbye Petrushka
Zetkin Yikilmis - Pink Rabbit

Best Screenplay
Peter Patrick Horgan - How to Rob
Greg Lamberson - Showdown in Yesteryear
Alana Purcell - True Believer
Nicola Rose - Goodbye Petrushka
Richard Rowntree & Matthew Davies -

    Mask of the Devil

Best Female Performance
Sarah Cugini - Bitter Taste of Ginger
Lizzie Kehoe - Goodbye Petrushka
Nicole Katherine Riddell - Mask of the Devil
Alexandra Faye Sadeghian - Guns of Eden
Ferelith Young - True Believer

Best Male Performance
Roland Ionas Bialke - Pink Rabbit
Jordan Estes - Oh Crappy Day
Jeff Grennell - Showdown in Yesteryear
Joshua Koopman - How to Rob
Chinaza Uche - How to Rob

Best Ensemble Cast
Bitter Taste of Ginger
Chicken House
Guns of Eden
Showdown in Yesteryear
True Believer


Best Short    
After Closing
Becoming Green
Even The Darkness Has Arms

Best International Short                               
Eating the Silence (Switzerland)
Horizon (Italy)                            
Jerkwater (Canada)                    
Pass (Iran)
Welcome to Candy’s (France)

Best Short Documentary
A Psychogeography of Mourning                 
DACA: The Story Of Dreamers                
La Mitad del Mundo/The Middle of the World        
Best Local Short
In A Glass Darkly                        
Night Owls                            

Best Horror Short
Meat Friend                             
Dead Language                     
Sad Sally            
A Best Man     

Best Local Horror
Dark Ink                             
The Devil Show                         
The Woodsman                              

Best Long Short
Derrick & Boyd
The End is Nigh

Best Underground Short
Norma Doesn't Know She's Magic                     
Dracula's Guest                                         
Mairzy Doats                                         
Deep Red                                         
Facecrusher 2

Best Comedy Short
Eat Pasta     
I Love U, Kaiju                        
Sitting Duck    
Soft Contract                            

Welcome to Candy’s     


Best Experimental Short

Memento Mori
A Psychogeography of Mourning     
Through the Dust
You Don't Have to Take Orders From The Moon     
Best Crime Short
Derrick & Boyd

Mob Ghost                             
New York Minute                        

Best Episodic/Chapter Short 
Agent Stone
Fortune Teller

Best Animation Short
The Brother Mike Tapes
Homeward Clown                     
Our Journey    
The Sprayer                        

Best Student Short
Good Cuban Girls
Interview With Lucy
King of Imaginations     
No Good Deed


Best Short Screenplay
The Babysitter by Jim Dalglish
Bitter Honey Sins by Amanda Öman
Miles of Summer by Samson Zilic
Never Fucking Sleep by Nico Casavecchia
Ocean Child by Marilyn Swick & Laura Koons   
Still by Rakefet Abergel
Teacup by Michael R Neel
Thursday at Thora's by Guthrie Roy Hartford
The Tiger and The Birds by Jordan Pacheco & Ted Omo
To the Moon by Michael Dukakis
The War Orchid by Joe Lemieux & Michael Neel    

Best Feature Screenplays    
Amy and Angel by Julia Verdin & Deedee Benkovich
Avalon Farms Academy by Sierra Blanco
Emily in the Wild by Graham Galloway-Chapa
Foresight by Jon Lance Bacon
New Moon Killer by Dean Harakas
Treasure Trove by Veronica R. Tabares
Two Nights at the Pine Street Inn by J Christopher Haslip
Typhoid Maria by Timothy Porter