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Congratulations to the 2018 SSFF

Award Winning Filmmakers!

Full List of 2018 SSFF Awards

Best Short Screenplay

Cherry Glazed

Best Comedy Screenplay

Straight Man

Best Feature Screenplay


Special Achievement Award

Jasper Neel


Special Achievement in Experimental Films

Jim McDonough


Best Newcomer Award

Eryn Gruttadauria


Best Newcomer Award

Miriam Olsen


Best Student Film

After Dark


Best Experimental Film Ascension


WTF Award

Don’t Eat At Dave’s


Woman in Film Award

Jenn Wexler


William Gerrity Award

Andrea Wolanin





Short Film Awards


Best Screenplay, Short

Set ‘em Up Joe


Best Cinematography, Short

I Want You To Know


Best Actor, Short

Sean Carmichael


Best Actress, Short

Delphine Montaigne

Best Director, Short 

Jessica Green


Best Sci-Fi, Short

Transmitting in the Blind


Best Local Horror, Short

I Want You To Know


Best Horror, Short



Best International Short

DNA of Wild Beasts


Best New England Short Imposter


Best Short






Documentary Awards


Best Director, Documentary Luciana Lagana


Best Short Documentary



Best Documentary

Do It Man: The Story of the Celebrity Club





Feature Awards


Best Screenplay

Talk To The Dead


Best Cinematography

Good Day


Best Actor

Jeremy Holm


Best Actress

Linnea Gregg


Best Director

Jenn Wexler


Best Foreign Feature

The Little Wizards of OZ


Best Local Feature

The Graveyard Gang

Best Feature

The God Inside My Ear


Best of Fest



The Ranger



Survival of the Film Freaks



One Mississippi



As Sweet

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