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Due to the pandemic the 2020 Film Festival was postponed. The winners listed below are for both 2020 & 2021 combined!  Congratulations!

SSFF 2020 & 2021 Awards

Screenplay Competition Certificates:

   Feature Length Screenplay

Alyxandrya Prynce - One Way Out
Joan Floyd - The Life Guard
Anonymous - Made in America

   Short Screenplay

Angel Connell - Fatal Ambition
Desiree Stone - For the Children
Yesi Rodriguez - Mysteries of The Crotch

   N.E. Feature Screenplay

Duncan Putney - Suagothel
Guthrie Roy Hartford - Burgers and Bowties

   N.E. Short Screenplay

Chris Esper - Drunken Psychiatry
Miriam Olken - Those Are The Rules
Gabrielle Rosson - Mad Love

   Screenplay Mini-Grant Award:

Dawna Sirard - Yachatz

   Fellowship Award Winner:

Dominique Waldron


Screenplay Competition Winners:

   Feature Length Screenplay

Dean Harakas - Mirrors at Night
Melissa Tantaquidgeon Zobel - Flying Bird's Diary

   Short Screenplay

Farah Rose Smith - Becoming Green
Joan Philo - The Decision

   N.E. Feature Screenplay

Diana Porter & George O’Connor - Featured Extras
Daisy Weaver - Holly

   N.E. Short Screenplay

Mary C. Ferrara - Red Shirt
Duncan Putney - The Lesson

    Proof of Concept

Timothy Porter - Horror World


   Best Student Shorts

Oasis of the Mind

    Best Experimental Short

Vodník Many Years After the Rainstorm    
Heart Wreck

   Outstanding Achievement Award


Jasper Neel
Harriet Gage

   Best Music Video

Give Me Your Pain and Sorrow
Holy Drill

   Best Mobile Device Short

Please Call
Black Lives Matter

   Best Animation

Arrival Departure
They Used to Call Me Crazy    

   WTF Award

The Delicious Blood That You Keep In Your Veins

   Phil “Skippy” Adams FX Award


   Best Crime Drama Short

A World of Hurt

   Best Fantasy Short

Darling, Darling Wendy


Documentary Awards

   Best Short Doc

Bananas Girl    

   Best International Doc

A Burning Voice
La battaglia di Roma 1849

   Best N.E. Short Doc    

Snapper: The Man-Eating Turtle Movie That Never Got Made
Every Moment    
100 Days of Change

   Best N.E. Feature Doc

Royalty Free: The Music of Kevin MacLeod 
City as Canvas: Above the Free Walls

   Best Feature Doc

The Ventures: Stars on Guitars
When Things Go Wrong: The Robin Lane Story

Comedy Shorts Awards

   Best Screenplay Comedy Short

Sophia Costanzo  - Spotlight Starring Daisy Mulvey
Monique Lola Berkley - I Hate this Fkn Job

   Best Performance Comedy Short

Jim Ford  - Small World
Sirena La Porte - I Hate This Fkn Job

   Best Director Comedy Short

Monique Lola Berkley  - I Hate this Fkn Job
Karisa Bruin - The Tooth Racket

   Best N.E. Comedy Short

Out with It        

The Penis

    Best Comedy Short

Tea Time
Biff and Me


Horror Awards

   Best Screenplay Horror Short

Bob Celli - The Keeper
Gabriela Lima - Doris’s Flight

   Best Performance Horror Short

Amber Gaston - Clean
Bob Celli - The Keeper

   Best Director Horror Short

Jay Kay - [Within the Frame]
Allysa Sing - Clean

   Best International Horror Short

The Wick

   Best Folk Horror Short

To Dust All Return
In the Company of Crows

   Best Long Horror Short


   Best N.E. Horror Short

The Nurturing
Alive Streaming

   Best Horror Short

The Keeper

   Best Horror Feature Screenplay

Renée Elizabeth Lavoie - Caprice
Richard Griffin & Lenny Schwartz - Before the Night is Over

   Best Performance Horror Feature

Kali Russell  - Sister Tempest
Jay Walker - Before the Night is Over

   Best Director Horror Feature

Joe Badon - Sister Tempest
Richard Griffin - Before the Night is Over

   Best International Horror Feature


   Best N.E. Horror Feature

Veil of Blood
Before the Night is Over

   Best Horror Feature

Sister Tempest
Clowns in the Woods



Short Awards

   Best Screenplay Short

Ana Marie Calise  - A Different Kind of Animal
Ashna Sharan  - Black Lives Matter

   Best Performance Short

René Zara  - Mrs. Osbourne
Ellany Kincross  - Wistful Pieces
Marc Powers - Amaranthine
Jeff Armstrong - World of Hurt

   Best Director Short

Raeshelle Cooke  - Woke
Preetam Choudhury - Ignis Fatuus

   Best International Short

A Gift From the Past

   Best N.E. Short

Mrs. Osbourne

   Best Short

Cosgrove Bridge


Feature Awards

   Best N.E. Screenplay

Rick Dumont  - Fraternitas
Adam Newman - Ice Patrol

   Best Screenplay

Ryan Bliss - Alice Fades Away
Charlotte Wincott - Issue with Elvis

   Best N.E. Performance

Chris Goodwin - Ice Patrol
Diana Porter - Fraternitas

   Best Performance

Rafael Albarrán - Lupe
Ashley Shelton - Alice Fades Away

   Best N.E. Director

Nathan Suher  - The Assassination of Western Civilization
Mike LoCircero - Respite Road

   Best Director

Ryan Bliss - Alice Fades Away
Charles Vuolo & Andre Phillips - Lupe

   Best N.E. Feature

Respite Road
Ice Patrol

   Best Feature

Alice Fades Away


SSFF Spirit Awards

   Individual Awards

Jim McDonough
Jenn Dlugos

   Project Awards

Nathan Suher  - The Assassination of Western Civilization

Jerry Landi - Pandemic Double Feature
Seyf Naman - Colorful Peace

Bianca Di Marco - Luna
Xi Wang - Niuniu
Stavit Allweis - Execution
Michael J. Epstein - Pride


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This is a Paragraph. Click on "Edit Text" or double click on the text box to start editing the content and make sure to add any relevant details or information that you want to share with your visitors.

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